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Henzell Enterprises Ltd is committed to achieving business excellence. Our objective is to develop a sustainable business that meets or exceeds the requirements of our clients, shareholders and other interested parties. It is therefore our policy to:

Identify our clients’ requirements and ensure that all personnel are aware of the importance of meeting these;

Set management objectives that will provide a focus for continual improvements in performance and for increasing client satisfaction; and review our progress against them;

Manage our business processes and resources cost-effectively;

Ensure that everyone is aware of their role in meeting our objectives, and provide training and development to enable them to maximise their contribution;

Plan and execute work to achieve the contract requirements, on time and with best value and least risk;

Work with our clients, suppliers and other interested parties to enhance mutual benefits;

Monitor performance and ensure that the work satisfies our client’s requirements, use identified problem areas to initiate continual improvements;

Management are responsible for ensuring that effective procedures are developed and implemented in their area and for setting appropriate objectives at the relevant levels of the organisation.
Every employee has a responsibility for the quality of his or her own work and for contributing to improvements in our products or management processes.

Management shall ensure that this policy is understood and implemented at all levels of the organisation.